Answers: Find the Error (1-6)



1. (B)  The subject, design patents, is plural and requires the verb were.


Design patents for the stapler, a standard fixture in modern offices and classrooms, were awarded to several different people on both sides of the Atlantic in the mid-1860s.



2. (D)  If desire is followed by a verb, it’s usually the infinitive form.


It seems clear that, in this age of free agency and huge contracts,

loyalty to a team or its fans is often outweighed by an athlete’s desire

to earn more money.



3. (D)  The three -ing verbs follow parallel structure; so should the fourth.


The creation of an attractive and healthy garden requires planning

the layout, gathering useful information, removing weeds, and

watering and fertilizing when necessary.



4. (E)  No error.



5. (B)  The preposition past needs an object pronoun.


The commuter train rushed past Andrea and me so quickly that we barely had time to look up from our magazines and see it go by.



6. (A)  Since shouldn’t be used as a substitute for because. Here, it’s unnecessary.


We have become so dependent on computers and other electronic devices that we almost lose our ability to function when they’re not working.