Words You Think You Know, But Don't


The other side of this coin has words you think you know, but may not. Many words have a common meaning and an uncommon one. Sometimes that happens when you use them as verbs instead of nouns, or as nouns instead of verbs. In these cases, the SAT will almost always be using the uncommon meaning. Here are ten examples you should learn, because they appear on the SAT a lot.


air (verb) -- to announce publicly

champion (verb) -- to support

check (verb) -- to block

conviction (noun) -- strong belief

founder (verb) -- to collapse or become disabled

hamper (verb) -- to make difficult or block progress

splinter (verb) -- to break away from the main part

temper (verb) -- to moderate or bring into balance

trigger (verb) -- to cause to happen

wax (verb) -- to grow larger