This site began as a way to sell books. I've published seven so far -- six of them self-published.


The first few books emerged directly out of my experience as a tutor for the SAT. I saw what students were struggling with and gradually figured out ways to help them, developing techniques and strategies that seemed to work with almost everyone. By putting those techniques and strategies into book form, I could reach more students in a way that was much more affordable than one-on-one tutoring.


Now I'm in the process of revising the site so that not only are the books  available for purchase, but some of the content is available for free. I've included helpful suggestions, along with sample questions for vocabulary, math, and writing.


There's a link to my freelance writing and editing services, too. And strangely enough, I've also added a full line of original greeting cards.


I hope you'll find it helpful, and that you'll think it's worth coming back for more. (And, yes, I hope you'll buy the books.) (And the cards.)