Sentence Completions

Fill in the blank with the answer that best completes each sentence.



1. The experienced chess player’s __________ overwhelmed the novice.

(A) absolution   (B) acumen   (C) decorum   (D) endurance   (E) mandate


2. He wasn’t just a racist; he was a __________, and hated everyone.

(A) dilettante   (B) mercenary   (C) skeptic   (D) misanthrope   (E) sycophant


3. A magician takes advantage of the audience’s  __________.

(A) credulity   (B) enormity   (C) prerogative   (D) negligence   (E) petulance


4. Einstein’s theories ushered in a new __________ in physics.

(A) respite   (B) incantation   (C) paradigm   (D) connotation   (E) reproach


5. Some companies take a summer __________, closing down for weeks.

(A) hiatus   (B) legacy   (C) atrophy   (D) apex   (E) erudition


6. The college student was arrested, accused of __________ a riot.

(A) heeding   (B) extricating   (C) inferring   (D) imputing   (E) fomenting


7. The spring air was __________ with lilacs and freshly cut grass.

(A) euphonious   (B) grandiose   (C) doleful   (D) indolent   (E) redolent


8. They were __________ travelers, never staying in one place very long.

(A) perfidious   (B) peripatetic   (C) abject   (D) hermetic   (E) lenient


9. The strange, __________ message bewildered everyone.

(A) recondite   (B) judicious   (C) eloquent   (D) laudatory   (E) dulcet


10. Your __________ habits will leave you penniless.

(A) cogent   (B) docile   (C) profligate   (D) mercurial   (E) fulsome



Answers 1-10