Greeting Cards


Most greeting cards that you find in stores or online are related to a specific and special event: birthday, graduation, wedding, new baby, anniversary. The cards you'll find here are more about relationships and everyday life -- the things that happen between those special events.


The format is also a little unusual. Rather than cards that you open, these come in a sleeve with a window. There's text on the card that shows through the window, then you slide the card down a little to reveal the rest of the message.


There are a hundred cards. And while many have a slightly sarcastic tone, none is offensive or vulgar or cruel in anyway. All feature the amazing cartoon artwork of Ron Leishman.


The cards are priced at $4.50 each, plus three dollars for postage -- no matter how many you order. Plus, with every five, I'll send you a sixth card free. The cards must be ordered separately from the books, by the way, because they're produced and sent from different places.


There's a sample off to the right, shown considerably smaller than actual size. It's card number 36.


The yellow part is the sleeve. When the recipient first gets the card, all they see is the sleeve and the text showing through the window. As they pull the card down, they see the rest of the message, along with the cartoon, in this case, a couple in a canoe.


The sleeves come in seven colors, and I will be adding more. Each card can be sent with a sleeve of any color. All of the cards and sleeves are 4 by 9 inches, so they fit into a #9 business envelope -- a standard size available in any store that sells stationery -- making them easy and inexpensive to mail or deliver. All are made individually, and by hand.


The cards are printed on a durable card stock. There's plenty of space to add an additional note -- on the front above the cartoon, on the back, or on the sleeve itself.


Below are the links to all 100 cards. I can also make custom cards for a very reasonable price. Please email or call to talk about that.



Cards 1-3   4-6   7-9   10-12   13-15   16-18   19-21   22-24   25-27


28-30   31-33   34-36   37-39   40-42   43-45   46-48   49-51   52-54


55-57   58-60   61-63   64-66   67-69   70-72   73-75   76-78   79-81


82-84   85-87   88-90   91-93   94-96   97-99   100







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How to order.


Click Add to Cart for each card you'd like. Shipping is $3 to anywhere in the US and Canada, no matter how many cards you order. Be sure to include your mailing address.


For orders from any other country, please send an email to request shipping cost. It will likely be a few dollars more.


When you're ready, proceed to checkout and pay safely with your credit card through Paypal. (For more information about that, click on the Paypal logo below or go to the Paypal website.)


We'll produce and send the cards within four business days.


Please note that books and greeting cards are shipped

from two different locations, and must be ordered separately.