Free at last.


A lot of online sites claim to offer free products or services, but almost without fail, the free stuff is either incomplete, temporary, or non-existent. The word free, then, is employed as a lure in order to get you to buy something.


I’ve written and published several books, and I’d certainly be happy if you decided that they’re something you need. But this site will be filled with genuinely helpful information, including step-by-step solutions to SAT-type questions for the math, reading, and writing sections. All free, and all updated as often as I can.


I've worked with hundreds of students -- in the classroom, in small groups, and one-on-one. Most of the books I've written were based on that direct experience with people as they prepared for the SAT. Many of those students were nervous, frustrated, annoyed, or bored with the whole process. That's why I made sure the books were helpful, easy to use, and fun.


As you prepare for the SAT, or as you work to build your vocabulary, math, and writing skills, I hope you’ll use this site as a valuable tool, and that you'll come back often.


Thanks for visiting.