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For about eight years, I tutored high school students in New York and Connecticut, mainly for the SAT. As tutoring fees continued to rise and fewer parents could afford them, I began to wonder how I might reach a larger number of students at a more comfortable price.


That’s how 500 Key Words for the SAT was born. Since 1992, I've sold more than 100,000 copies. The reason is simple: visual images and humor to help you learn the words that appear most frequently on the SAT and other standardized tests. You learn them once and remember them forever. Really. This book has been updated many times, and the 2013 edition is now available. (Softcover, 120 pages, $12.95)


100 Math Tips for the SAT presents a hundred essential strategies, each represented by an SAT-type question. Every problem is solved in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner. Alternative approaches are often presented. Most important, the hidden traps in each problem are always exposed and explained. 2013 edition now available. (Softcover, 120 pages, $12.95)


One Thousand Words is a no-nonsense book of more than 1,100 important words used in sentences that really help you understand what the words mean. (Softcover, 120 pages, $9.95)


Writing Rules! If you’re preparing an essay for a college application, getting ready for the SAT, or just feel the need to improve your writing, help has arrived. Like the other books you see here, this one is a manageable size, filled with useful advice and humor. It has a friendly, take-you-by-the-hands approach, and shows you how to fix problems now. (Softcover, 120 pages, $12.95)


Who Knew? A collection of fifty-two posts from my first year of blogging. Most are humorous essays, but there are a few serious pieces, as well, and a little fiction. (Softcover, 116 pages, $14.95)  Visit my blog for the more current posts -- more than 200 so far.


Learn This! To succeed in high school, you need to have a foundation of knowledge. This book provides much of that knowledge across a broad range of subjects. (Softcover, 64 pages, and available only from Rainbow Resource Center.)




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500 Key Words for the SAT

ISBN 0965326330


100 Math Tips for the SAT

ISBN 0965326349


Writing Rules!

ISBN 0965326373


One Thousand Words

ISBN 0965326365


Who Knew?

ISBN 0965326384


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